Tai Chi  42 Form: Frame & Martial Applications
Tai Chi 42: Frame & Martial Applications

The immense popularity of The 42 Form since its creation is an indication of how well it was composed. In October 1990, the 11th Asian Games were held in Beijing, China. For the first time in the history of the Asian Games, Wu shu (martial arts) was included as an item for competition. The 42 Forms is the only Forms being chosen to represent Tai Chi. Naturally this set will be the official Forms in the year 2008 Olympics Games.

The competition routine of Tai Chi 42 Form was created based mainly on the the traditional Yang  style while synthesizing the movements from several other Tai Chi styles such as Chen, Wu and Sun styles.

Though the competition routine of 42 styles Tai Ji Quan complies with the characteristics of Yang style Tai Ji Quan, the arrangement of movements which absorbed from others Tai Ji Quan is quite different. The whole routine can be divided into four official segments:

Segment 1: Forms 1 - 10 ,mainly uses the movements of Yang style Tai Ji Quan with the extensive posture and the slow and gentle performance.
Segment 2: Forms 11 - 18 , emphasizes the characters of ˇ°opening and closing handsˇ± of Sun style Tai Ji Quan, ˇ°jade girl working with shuttlesˇ± of Wu style and ˇ°hide hands and strike fistˇ± of Chen style.
Segment 3: Forms 19 - 29 , focuses on the movements of ˇ°wave hands like cloudsˇ± of Yang style and ˇ°beating tigerˇ± of Wu style to practice the control and balance of toes kicking and slapping foot.
Segment 4: Forms 30 to 42 , is based on the fourth segment of 48 styles Tai Ji Quan which displays the characteristics of Yang style.

Tai Chi 42 Form Martial Applications: The applications of 33 postures are revealed.Often underestimated by many experts, but in addition to the explicit meaning of self-defense applications of Tai Chi movements, understanding martial applications within your Tai Chi movements is the most effective way to grasp the original meaning of each posture, to deepen of your internal training,  as the real link between simply fitness aspects or Taoist philosophical theories and resulting in acquiring the final martial aesthetical touch during your performance...

This edition is supervised Professorial team of Beijing University of Physical Education where famous experts such as Meng Huifeng, Wudong are actively working for the development of Standard version of Tai Chi Chuan. The collaboration with expert such as Chen Sitan makes this material very valuable.

More than 430 color photos. Pdf file.

Tai Chi 42 Form companion video:

Chen Sitan full 42 form demonstrations: one front view and one rear view. 

Introduction of 42 Tai Chi Chuan.
Study of Segment1.
Study of Segment2.
Study of Segment3.
Study of Segment4.

Further demonstrations: one front view and one rear view.

English subtitles. Mpg files. Around 50 mn. Fast download server.

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"Every serious practitioner of Taichi is dreaming to combine the major styles of Taichi in their training, after ordering, now I feel much more confident with this material than with others (including DVD and books). Yes I like also your flash effects. Thanks for presenting the real standard competition form, instead of any "My form is the most authentic..."
--- Gregory B. Malaysia - June 2005

"After 24 Taichi, I was thinking to learn either sword or another specific style such as Chen Style, but I bought your 42 Taichi e-book, I really enjoy it as I can continue to progress my Tai Chi while discoring new movements and new styles, thanks for the very precise technical details included in your e-book."
--- Sergio A. Italy ¨C October 2006

"I believe that nothing can replace a good teacher in Taichi, but your e-book is ok, the various applications for each form is interesting."
--- Sandyr G. USA - October 2007

Tai Chi  42 Form : Frame & Martial Applications 

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42 Form Tai Chi Chuan: Frame & Martial Applications ˇˇ

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