Tai Chi Sword 42 : Competition Routine
Tai Chi Sword 42: Competition Routine is the Sword Form appointed by the United International Wu Shu Federation, this constitutes now the formal Tai Chi Sword competition routine. The flowing and graceful movements of the hand form combined with the sword skills to make it an attractive form.

The competition routine of Tai Chi Sword 42 was created based mainly on the the traditional Yang  style while synthesizing the movements from several other Tai Chi styles Sword styles such as Chen, Wu and Sun styles.
The arrangements of 42 style Tai Chi Sword is rational with well designed connections between the movements and its sequence in accordance with the degree of difficulty. The whole routine is divided into 4 segments including 18 types of the swords techniques, 5 kinds of stances, 3 ways of balances, 3 kinds of leg techniques and 3 different ways of releasing force.

In practicing 42 style Tai Chi Sword, your movements become bright and beautiful, upright and elegant, moreover if you practice also a Fist Frame, with this momentum light and agile, you will gain in improving your suppleness ability but in the same time to be firm and steady when needed with this specific training in allowing "Qi" to penetrate onto the sword. You'll learn also to merge completely your body with your sword.


That is also one reason why Tai Chi 42 Sword constituting an excellent training for fitness and healing, is chosen by a lot of citizens in China, including seniors as you may see yourself in any public park of China every morning.

This edition is supervised Professorial team of Beijing University of Physical Education where famous experts such as Meng Huifeng, Wudong are actively working for the development of Standard version of Tai Chi Chuan, thus the collaboration with the famous Tai Chi Chuan expert Chen Sitan, makes this material highly valuable, in addition this e-book includes also:

- Basic exercises of this style (Zhuang Gong)

- Detailed comments and information for Key Technical Movements

- A complete Chart of the routine

- The complete guide of Tai Chi Competition routines

More than 200 color photos.

With companion video:

Step by step explanations of the frame. Several angles to apppreciate and study the complete frame. Around 60 mn. Mpg files.

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"Yep, great sensations since I started the Tai Chi Sword 42, I really feel sometimes like prolonging my hand onto the sword, your ebook helps me a lot, I'd rather like bigger pics, but I can make it by these ones. ..."
--- Lora P. Indonesia - September 2004

"I was looking for a standard form in Tai Chi sword, and I found your ebook, superb. Yesterday I bought my first Tai Chi sword, thanks for your support."
--- Amid B. Paris La Defense – October 2006


Tai Chi Sword 42 : Competition Routine 

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Tai Chi Sword 42: Competition Routine  

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