Sun Tai Chi : Competition Routine
Sun Tai Chi Chuan: Competition Routine

The competition routine of Sun style Tai Ji Quan was created based on the traditional Sun style. The whole routine has 6 segments. Although there are altogether 73 movements, which seem to be a lot, they are all arranged in an orderly sequence with the coordination of advancing and retreating of the footwork. Actually it is not difficult to remember the movements because every turning or change in each posture is usually connected with the movements of the opening and closing hands.

The main technical characteristics of the competition routine of Sun style Tai Ji Quan are as the followings:
The postures are high and the footwork is agile; the body is centered and upright; the rhythm is natural and lively, agile and light; the movements are filled with the internal strength with the hardness embedded in softness; the speed is smooth and tender, like the floating clouds and the flowing water. When practicing, pay attention to the coordination of the advancing and retreating of the footwork and use the movement of opening and closing the hands to connect each turning.



This edition is supervised Professorial team of Beijing University of Physical Education where famous experts such as Meng Huifeng, Wudong are actively working for the development of standard versions of Tai Chi Chuan, thus the collaboration with the famous Tai Chi Chian expert Li Deyin, makes this material highly valuable, in addition this e-book includes also:

- Basic exercises of this style (Zhuang Gong)

- Detailed comments and information for Key Technical Movements

- A complete Chart of the routine

- The complete guide of Tai Chi Competition routines

More than 300 color photos.


"This ebook on Sun Taichi Competition gives a very good basis for this style, it is simple, direct but with sufficient explanations, I always admire Sun Lutang and his mastering of three internal boxing, you lead the way quite easily with this ebook..."
--- Tito P.  West Indies France - September 2004

"Congratulations for this downloadable series, clear explanation, and helpful images effects, I hope that you'll published soon another ebook on Sun Style.!!!"
--- Rene S.  Belgium – September 2004

Sun Tai Chi : Competition Routine 

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Sun Tai Chi Chuan: Competition Routine  

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