Tai Chi 48 & Sword 32: Frame & Martial Applications
Tai Chi 48 & Sword 32: Frame & Martial Applications

This e-book presents two great standards in Tai Chi: Tai Chi Chuan 48 Forms and Tai Chi Sword 32 Forms.
Another valuable content is the "Martial Applications of Tai Chi 48 Forms".

Tai Chi 48 Forms:

After the creation of The 24 Forms (the most popular Forms in the world, created by 4 Chinese experts in order to popularize Tai Chi), there came a growing demand for more difficult Forms for the purposes of further studies and demonstration. In 1976, the Combined 48 Forms were created by three Tai Chi experts headed by Professor Men Hui Feng.

The combined Forms were created based on combining and condensing classical Forms of the four major styles, namely Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun. The idea was to take the best of all styles and to express these in a short space of time, not unlike the Reader's Digest condensed version of classical novels. This idea proved to be popular.

Martial Applications of Tai Chi 48 Forms: each classical form is presented with different applications (up to six) demonstrating the large range in which a martial artist can "interpret" this classical form in combat situation 

Sword 32 Forms: This is probably the best starter for Tai Chi. Traditionally the Sword Form is composed of 32 movements divided into four stages. It is very subtle, nuanced and graceful and draws particular attention to the movements and positions of the hands as they are expressed by the sword and 'sword-finger'.

This edition is supervised by the Professorial team of Beijing University of Physical Education where famous experts such as Meng Huifeng, Wudong are actively working for the development of standard versions of Tai Chi Chuan, thus the collaboration of the Tai Chi Chuan World Champion Chen Sitan, makes this material highly valuable, in addition this e-book includes also:

- Founders of Tai Chi Chuan

- Guiding principles of 48 Forms

Step by step in 48 Forms

- Basic Hand forms (grip & sword fingers) in Sword 32 Forms

- Step by step in Sword 32 Forms

More than 520 color and B&W photos.


"Thanks to make available to the public this excellent e-book on Tai Chi, Chen Sitan is performing admirably, I start with the sword 32, and really enjoy it. Thanks again."
--- Bob D. San Francisco US - August 2004

"Tai Chi Self defense has always appeared to me like inaccessible, your systematic description of each singular form is a real gift for me, now I suddenly realize how practical and down to earth is in fact Tai Chi. I think that a lot of people like me need this kind of material and not large philosophical theories, ying yang and so on...  "
--- Sylvestre M.  Canada– September 2004

Tai Chi 48 & Sword 32: Frame & Martial Applications 

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Tai Chi 48 & Sword 32: Frame & Martial Applications  

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